On the 14th July 2023 Rayven achieved her first art exhibition supported by The People’s Gallery on Melbourne Street, Stalybridge. Rayven exhibited for three days with success and the public turned up in groups ready to view and question her artwork in a relaxed artistic ambiance with food, music and wine. Rayven’s work is about mental health, and she has channelled her own thoughts and struggles into the subject with paintings, sculptures and various objects. Believe me when I write this, her work is powerful and descriptive sending a message on positiveness on the subject of mental health, as we all know it is becoming more well known in youngsters. Rayven is only 19 years old and wants to reach our young people to say it is ok to be open and use her artwork to get people to be more open, to talk and not keep it a secret. My photography shows the depth and thought Rayven has gone into, yes it can be dark but there is light! Watch out for more exhibitions from Rayven about Tameside. We were proud to cover her story with a video on our page which many watched and to do a story in the magazine. Please contact Rayven on Instagram or her email. Rayven sells her art pieces as she has her own business. One of Rayven’s art pieces will be shown in London, and we will also be covering this story and her journey. If you know of any college or university who wants to exhibit her collection, please contact Rayven. Rayven is an amazing speaker and happy to answer questions.

RAYVEN fine artist (SEVERANCE the act of cutting something into parts). A personal or social separation (as opposing factions) follow on Instagram @rayvenfineart email:rayvenfineart@outlook.com 

Thank you kindly Massimino Malacrino