A giant lantern in the colours of the aurora borealis – the famous northern lights – led the way through Hyde when Tameside Council’s winter lantern parade took place on Saturday, November 20.

Hundreds of people from across the borough’s communities took part in the procession with many more on the streets to experience the biggest night the town has hosted in many years.

A key feature of the parade was the large collection of smaller lanterns made by the public in sessions at Hyde Town Hall as well as by pupils from Alder Community High School. These are symbolic of people’s personal stories, representing who or what has illuminated their lives, and will create a spectacular field of moving light and colour.

Finnish folklore believed the aurora borealis to be the trail of a mythical fire fox dashing through the snow, so it’s quite apt that foxes will figure prominently. Members of the Khush Amdid women’s group had worked to create three fox lanterns and local theatre company No Eyed Theatre designed some illuminated foxes for the town hall.