Back in 2022 we featured Denton’s Michael Pomfret raising funds to secure a place on the GB Lacrosse team to play in the World Games in Birmingham Alabama USA.   The world games are for sports trying to get into the Olympics and lacrosse was one tick away from the 2028 Olympics in LA USA.

Lacrosse has now been confirmed for 2028 and we were excited to catch up with 24-year-old Michael to get the latest news. “I’m still playing for Stockport Lacrosse club; we won the league last year and looking good this season too.  We learned earlier this year that lacrosse has been put into the Olympics for 2028 and before that it was officially part of the competition in 1904 and 1908. It’s not the usual competition rules because for the Olympics it is just 6 a side and short pitches. I’ll be 28 then which will be a good age and I’m thrilled to be part of the training squad for 2028 but It’s a long road to LA and the final selection is still a long way off.

So how have you managed to get a place on the GB training squad?

“I originally applied back in 2021 and there is a changing squad of players with people joining and those who left. Tom Wenham is Head Coach of the GB Men’s lacrosse team and I’m excited to be part of that squad. He will choose his team from the GB Squad players, and I hope to be one of them.  The difference with the GB team and others like the American’s is they are all professional players who get paid to play whilst we have jobs and mainly play weekends for sport.”

You mentioned jobs and since the last time we met you have now started your own business?

“Yes, it’s called MP Sports Therapy. I did a degree in Sport and Exercise Science at MMU and went into a few jobs after that like office jobs, building and similar but it didn’t gel with me.  I’d always thought of being a physio, but the sports therapy is more down my street. Whilst most physios would test you and do stretches, I have been trained to do more hands-on stuff which works on joints, knees, shoulders etc. “The treatment I provide covers all people from all walks of life not just sportsman and women. The therapy works for anyone who may have issues with pain, posture and injury recovery whatever the age. People can come for a session to treat tension or some lower back relief, but other conditions might require a longer-term solution.”

So where are you based and how do people contact you?

“I’m based at Hatton’s Energie Fitness in Hyde 6 days a week and you can find me on Instagram mp_sports.therapy , by email or by phone 07775 248 895.”

Thanks to Michael for talking to About Tameside and we wish him well for the Olympics and his new business venture. If you can provide any sponsorship of support to Michael with his Lacrosse, please get in touch with him on his contact details above.