It was Tameside Rotary’s pleasure to deliver knitting looms and wool to Kayleigh Foulkes (well-being co-ordinator) at King’s Park Care Home. Vice President Mohammed Karim, Rotarian Julie Nield and Rotarian Martin Nield delivered the looms from the club.

Kayleigh said that members of the public had responded to our appeal for wool to be delivered to the care home for the residents to use, which is fantastic!

The items knitted by the residents will go to TGH Maternity Unit and there is also a plan to knit for the people that Pauline Town looks after at the Town House. (Once the residents get used to their new equipment for larger items!)

If any members of the public have spare wool to drop into the care home, they will be very glad to receive it. Thank you for the members of the public so far who have already donated.

President Angela Robbins said: ‘We first got involved with King’s Park Care Home when they requested, we put an appeal out for members of the public to send Christmas Cards to their residents, some of whom don’t have any family and wouldn’t receive any Christmas cards at all. Our appeal was so successful that when Kayleigh approached us with the knitting idea and that some of their residents had expressed a desire to take up knitting again but didn’t necessarily have the agility.