After doing art at Clarendon College 17 year old Ethan Booth from Dukinfield had hopes of forging a career as a tattooist. But things never quite work out the way you expect as he found himself learning the guitar and everything changed. We caught up with the young busker to discover why his musical interest developed.

“It was around 3 years when I took the decision to learn guitar after being inspired by one of my relatives who was into music which prompted me. I started guitar lessons with a lad called Dan from Strings in Ashton and really enjoyed it.”

Was music something you pursued at college?

“I was studying Art & Design at Clarendon Sixth Form College because my interest was to take a route to be a tattoo artist which I thought would be a good opportunity but that has now taken a backseat.”

So are you looking to develop your musical career?

“I started busking about two years ago and then we had Covid so it came to a stop. I really enjoyed it and it obviously generates some money but the reward is what I get out of it too. I’ve been encouraged more with the opportunities I’ve been given through Tameside Markets and the Ashton Town Team who have been really supportive.”

Ethan performing

Any particular favourites you like to perform?

“Indie and progressive rock which has a nice pattern I can play on the guitar and I can throw my voice at. I like to put my own spin on things and do it my way whilst sticking to the spirit of it.”

Leading to your own material?

“Yea, I’ve tried in the past three or four months to write my own material but it is really challenging so credit to anyone who does that.  I’ve had success with a couple of tracks but not reached that finished article yet.”

What are your other interests apart from music?

“I really like art which is why I studied that at college. I go fishing and play for Ashton Rugby Club that involves training twice a week. About a year ago I started a Saturday and Sunday job teaching young kids how to play football at Hathershaw College on Saturdays and on Sunday at West Hill School in Stalybridge for a company called Didikicks.

I expect your friends and family have been a great support?

“Yes a very supportive environment has been key to any success that I’ve had. My parents have got me where I’ve needed to go and have always been there for me supporting my choice of music, art or anything else. They give me free reign to do what I do and help me to achieve.”

Where can people see you perform?

“I’m regularly busking in the centre of Ashton, recently appeared at the Hyde Artisan Market and hope to be popping up at some of the Ashton Town Centre events too thanks to Tameside Markets. I should be on the Market Ground in Ashton from 1pm on August 21st. I’ve also played at The Oasis café on Stamford Street in Ashton that supports mental health awareness. If people want to find out where I’m going to be they can follow me on Instagram EthanJBMusic and the same name on You Tube too.”

Ethan’s dad, Jason, is certainly committed to supporting his son’s ambitions and we asked when he first noticed his talent?

“Even from a young kid he’s had the interest, whether that’s picking it up from me and his mum when we go round just singing in the house. So he’s probably picked up on that and what he’s heard on the radio which eventually lead him to learn a musical instrument which was the guitar. He’s got that many strings to his bow like he says and we are happy to let him spread his wings to do what he wants to focus on.”

So your support has really been essential for Ethan?

“Well I started off as taxi driver, progressed to roadie and maybe if he builds his success we may get promoted to manager, who knows.  We are both happy to do what it takes to help get him out there!”

Thanks to Ethan and Jason for talking to About Tameside. His new track called Microscopic Killer  is now available on his Youtube channel EthanJBMusic