Our phenomenon is back from the amazing success of last year. As we witnessed this is what the people of the bridge wanted and needed, thousands turned out – coming from around Tameside on a Friday once a month. The street food was top notch and pukka! A few problems were encountered on the first event but were ironed out right away ready for the following one. A dream from councillor Eleanor Wills who shared her dream with head of the council Brenda Warrington, showing her the Altrincham model where hundreds were eating, socialising and bringing the community together as well as bringing business to the town. Better late than never, ok, they were slow as folk complained that there was nothing going on in the bridge. Being a blogger for many years, Stalybridge needed outdoor events with food and many people agreed. Changing patterns in the way we shop has changed and we accept it, now events like this keep bringing the public back and keeps money in Stalybridge and Tameside.

Hopefully now more traders will join, and more entertainment will happen while we eat, and drink and the event will go into our civic hall bringing it back to the glory days of what it once was in Stalybridge, and we can end up with a permanent food and market hall. As councillor Sam Gosling said, “We need to change it to seven days in Stalybridge not just one day, but this will take time. This is an amazing start of making the bridge back on top.”

Thank you kindly Massimino Malacrino