With Stalybridge gearing up for its first FOODIE FRIDAY event organised by The Market Co and Tameside Markets you might spot a few I Love Stalybridge shirts amongst the crowd.

The idea was the brainchild of Matt Gough at his Stalybridge creative, design and print business Myzizi that already produces T-shirts, hoodies, banners, flyers and many other marketing items. We caught up with Matt to find out how it all started.

“I read the story about Derrick Evans who started Cancer Warriors in the local newspaper and it really struck home with me. A friend of mine, who’s quite a young man, also has cancer and I thought it was really good what Derrick was doing. It’s in the name isn’t it, Cancer Warriors, and I wanted to support the fight.”

So how are you raising money for his charity?

“We are creating T-Shirts with the I Love Stalybridge message, hoodies, mugs and very soon shopping bags. From the sale we donate a percentage of the profits to the charity after production costs are covered. Many of the pubs have ordered the shirts for their staff and it’s just been a mega response really. Some have even been sent overseas to people who used to live in the town as far a field as Australia. I’m sure there are many more people that will be having them soon.”

If another town wanted shirts, for example I Love Hyde, creating for them is that something you would also take up?

Me and Derrick have spoken about it to extend the reach of the campaign to do I Love Dukinfield, I love Denton etc so yes it is certainly being considered. There’s no limit on what we can do but we thought initially to start where the shop is and take it from there.”

So how can people get one of these shirts or other merchandise you produce to support Cancer Warriors?

“You can message us through Facebook, which is Myzizi Design, visit our shop on Mottram Road or drop us an email at myzizidesign@hotmail.com.”

Is the campaign continuing for some time yet?

“Yes we will continue for a while but there’s been talk about closing the Stalybridge campaign itself towards the end of August but you never know. The business will also be donating £100 to the charity funds too.”

Thank you Matt at Myzizi and continued success with the campaign.