From a young age 12 year old Jack Burgess from Ashton-under-Lyne was obsessed with anything relating to cars, whether it is engines, racing, even just the way they sound. His parents realised as a baby Jack’s brain didn’t work like other children and after many years he was diagnosed with ADHD, ticks (of Tourette’s) and is still being seen by the team at Healthy young minds to determine if he has some form of autism.

Jack Burgess

In May this year Jack joined cadets at Team Sport Karting in Manchester, after many years of being too small to get in a kart he was finally tall enough to join. From the moment he got on to the track he was like a different person, the adrenalin and the need to go faster took over his body. The first cadet session which was also the first time he had been in a Kart went extremely well. He was moved into the intermediate group straight away because was too fast for the rest of the guys on the track. He is now proud to say he is one of the fastest cadets at Team sport and qualified for the BIKC 2021 which will be held this month. The team have been very welcoming and supportive of Jack’s driving which has given him a huge boost in confidence.

Matty Street from Team Karting Rochdale has been a fantastic mentor and has recently asked Jack to join his team, Xkart.  They have given him a chance to really work hard to fulfil his dream.

Jack is now searching for Sponsorship in order to help him continue with his dream of becoming a race driver. As you can imagine the sport is expensive and his parents have sacrificed a lot to get him where he is right now. They have purchased the Kart and paid for many lessons, sometimes even 6 a week, but there are many other things that need to be taken into account, for example. Consumables, petrol, oil, race fees and also track fees.  Jack has already started his own merchandise (T-shirts and Caps), to raise funds for my karting career but also to raise awareness and money for the Healthy Young Minds charity.

Can you help put Jack in the driving seat for a career in racing and also support his own fundraising for Healthy Young Minds.  If you can sponsor Jack or able to offer any support please drop him an email

A final message from Jack “I have a huge dream that I would like to fulfil and I would love you to hop on this journey with me, so jump on board, buckle up and get ready. Big things are coming.”