This year’s Ashton Sci-Fi event on July 6th will see the return of Doctor Who’s robot dog K-9!  The classic character assisted Dr Who number 4 (Tom Baker) before making a return with David Tennant in the episode School Reunion and then Sarah Jane Adventures.  The Hyde Fundraisers model is based on the School Reunion episode and has been out of action since 2016. That year he made an appearance for BBC Children in Need in Manchester with Hacker T Dog and Chris Johnson when a rogue radio control signal almost sent him crashing off a desk.  At the time his wiring was damaged, and he’s remained inoperative since.

However, group volunteer Pete Brocklehurst from Hyde, who has created his own R2D2, has come to the rescue and took on the challenge to bring K-9 back to life.  Apart from fixing his Radio Control unit he’s made several improvements including the battery pack upgraded from lead acid type to lithium. In addition, the dog can now move his head and wag his tail remotely and via sensors on his back. Pete explained that the mechanism for the tail wag derived from a cat toy fish that wriggled and he was delighted to get K-9 ‘back on his feet’ so to speak. John Leeson, who provides the voice of K-9 on television, has also recorded dialogue especially for Hyde Fundraisers which fans will hear when they meet the prop.

The Doctor’s faithful robot dog is set to appear at this year’s Ashton Sci-Fi Day organised by Hyde Fundraisers on July 6th in the town centre supported by Ladysmith Shopping Centre, Tameside Markets and Arcades Shopping Centre.