The teams behind the Metro cinema and Tameside Hippodrome have been out in the community to gather memories of old Ashton and also share their plans.  Andy Kleek of Monopoly Events that are dealing with the Metro along with Keith Dalby-Oldham, CEO of Ashton Empire Hippodrome (Building) Ltd were at Hurst Hall Care Centre on Kings Road in Ashton.

They were invited along by one of the centre’s Wellbeing Co-ordinators Kayley Foulkes who said: “Most of the residents here are local residents, they know the area, grown up in the area so they recall Ashton in its prime.  So, with the news of the cinema looking to re-open again I talked to residents, and they were really excited about it. Everybody has a story or memory and I got in touch with Andy to see if he would come and tell us about it. It turns out he has even more plans for Ashton that he’s come to share with us.”