On Sunday April 28th Dukinfield Golf Club hosted a charity event organised by teenager Cameron McWiggan to raise funds for the Neonatal Unit at Tameside Hospital. The event ‘Jurassic Bricks’ featured a wide variety of Lego displays along with large dinosaur models for children to pose with. So, we asked Cameron what sparked the idea for the event?

“I’d done two shows and got the idea to do my own and it just spiralled into what it is now. So, working at Dukinfield Gold Club I was able to arrange the room and the support from them. My family helped out a lot with sorting out arrangements regarding the charity and advertising.  I’ve loved Lego from a young age and it’s one of my favourite things because I like being creative.  One of my own personal favourite Lego models is The Avengers Tower which is one of the biggest sets I have that I got last Christmas.” 

So why choose the neonatal unit to benefit from the event?

“I had a younger brother, James, who was stillborn, and they helped us to say goodbye and give us support. When my sister Amy was born, she was in the unit for 10 weeks after being born prematurely so I really wanted to do something to help the unit. I don’t think I’d have a sister if it hadn’t been for them.”  Cameron’s mum Amanda McWiggan says the family are so proud of his achievement. “Cameron has always had a creative mind and it’s been hard for him growing up with a different interest than most boys.  He tried football, scouts and all different kinds of things but he had this creative outlet through Lego. We finally met the group Brickworks who are like a group of adults who met every second month, and they took him under their wing. I’m so proud he chose the neonatal unit to support them in what they do with helping families facing grief by offering counselling and practical help to anyone. For what they do for premature babies they are heroes without capes.”

A final word from Cameron: “I’d like to say a huge thank you to Johnathan Andrews, Dukinfield Golf Club, exhibitors, friends and family for all their support.”

The event raised £934 for Tameside Hospitals Neonatal unit and Harebell Suite. Our thanks to Cameron and Amanda – if you are looking to find out more about Northern Brickworks you can visit their website – nblug.org.uk