If you are a pizza fan then the big news is that Fireaway Pizza has come to Tameside with the opening of their new restaurant at 160, Market Street in Hyde. It’s over 5 years  that Fireaway has been creating delicious fast fired pizzas that combine traditional Italian methods of preparation with innovative flavour combinations, using only the best ingredients.

The first FIREAWAY PIZZA was opened by Mario Aleppo with the aim of bringing better pizza to the UK. With fresh toppings, hand made dough and a 400-degree fire oven not only is it authentic but it’s fast – around 180 seconds! Over the years they have tweaked their menu to include Oreo milkshakes, Nutella pizzas and Vegan options so they have something for everyone. Fireaway has gone from a shop in  London  to over 150+ branches across the country including Scotland & Wales.  The new branch in Hyde has some delicious offerings to tempt your tastebuds including  Meat Heaven, Asian Fusion, Mexicano,  Veggie Supreme and how about trying the Nutella pizza for dessert ? To give you even more choice Hyde also has Halal options available too.  Fireaway Pizza in Hyde is  also rated 5 Star in food hygiene and open from 4pm until midnight 7 days a week so try this new fresh taste in Tameside!