The cold days we had this winter could mean that you may have switched off your air conditioning until the weather warms up, but is that the right thing to do? The short answer is NO don’t switch it off completely, you should run it at least every couple of weeks for a short spell on full cold which will allow the coolant to circulate around the system. Each AC system contains rubber seals and pipework and in order to keep them lubricated you need to run your Air Con for short spells. Another reason for running the system during the winter months is that moisture can build up within the air vents and this will lead to mould and bacteria forming! This will inevitably be blown around your car when the system is switched back on. So, as you can see apart from Air conditioning being a modern automotive miracle when it’s working it can also be a health hazard if not operated correctly.  As an air con specialist, we would also recommend servicing your air conditioning every 2 years, depending on use.

Over two thirds of all modern cars today are fitted with Air-conditioning but did you know that all manufacturers state as part of your warranty that it should be serviced regular to keep it working efficiently.

The time to benefit from air con is during the hot summer months, close your eyes and imagine the scenario – you walk to your car, the weather is beautiful with clear blue skies and you get into your car – Oh goodness it’s so hot and you have to open the doors and windows before you can get in…. You turn on your air con and yes, you’ve guessed it warm air comes out. We’ve all been there haven’t we? We forget about the air con but it’s just like other parts of your vehicle the air conditioning system does need attention to keep it in tip top condition. Your air conditioning loses charge every year and eventually it will be less efficient and won’t give you that nice cold air you crave when the sun is shining!

We have two fully trained air con technicians on site and they will ensure your air con is working to full efficiency before you leave Guide Bridge MOT, we know you will be able to drive away with the cool air you have yearned… those air con units that are not charged on a regular basis will use more fuel, put a strain on your engine and will be less effective.

We are now the proud owners of the latest Air conditioning equipment and have the most up to date information at our fingertips…

We have three services available that we can offer you the motorist:

FREE Air conditioning check out service – we check your refrigerant levels and see they need to be topped up.

Air conditioning re-gas – this is where we recharge your air conditioning system and clean it at the same time.

Air conditioning full service – we will recharge your air con and clean the system at the same time.

If you would like to book your vehicle into the workshop – please contact us on 0161 339 5354.