The group were visiting as guests of Mizanur Rahman Mizan who has been a staunch fundraiser for the eye hospital. There were lots of important people, including a government minister, who were there to greet us and take part in the event. There were also lots of media people there from Bangladesh media outlets reporting on our visit. Lots of speeches were made, expressing gratitude to Just Help Foundation and Rotary Tameside who raised the funding to provide important health services to the poor people of a wide area of this region of Sylhet. This project has done huge amounts to promote Tameside as a caring community, able to put humanitarian issues at the forefront of its priorities, on equal importance with supporting those within Tameside who require help.

Both Rotary Tameside and Just Help Foundation do large amounts to help charities and groups locally.

After our tremendous welcome and speeches, we had a tour of the hospital and were fed as honoured guests.

I felt very proud to see the great work my friend Mizan has achieved with huge assistance from Andrew Williams of Rotary Tameside.

We were accompanied by many others (about 12) from our local Bangladeshi origin community, who have also contributed to the work being done.

Andrew Richardson