On Saturday July 30th, I had the honour of officially opening Dane Bank Green Space just off Windsor Road.  

The opening was the culmination of five years of tireless work and dedication from some brilliant volunteers. As a bit of background, the fields off Windsor Road were originally earmarked for sale and development. Residents strongly made the case to local councillors that the land was not appropriate for development and could become a green hub for the community. Eventually they won the argument, a new lease was signed, and the land was saved.  

Fast forward to Saturday, and Dane Bank Green Space is now open to the public. There are fantastic nature trails, picnic facilities, space for a forest school and a woodland area planted.  

I went along with Team Denton West Councillors George Jones, Mike Smith and Brenda Warrington who have long supported this initiative. I was also joined by my grandson Lyle, who had a great time running around the Green Space and trying out some activities with other little ones.  

I’ve always been a believer in the importance of outdoor spaces and devoted much of my time as an MP in protecting and enhancing them in my constituency. In an urbanised part of Greater Manchester, it’s essential that we give local people access to green spaces where they can explore, relax, and spend time with family and friends. That’s why I’m so thankful to all the Dane Bank Green Space volunteers who had the vision to transform and protect this nature area.  

So, if you fancy a fun-filled day out, or even just want to explore the natural world on your doorstep, do visit Dane Bank Green Space. It really is a testament to the power of community.

Andrew Gwynne MP